A lovely motif.

The very first floor-tile styled by Petracer's . An usual decorative theme. On fabrics, objects and structural home-ware such as banisters and window-sills, as well as building materials, iron, timber, fired-earth and aimed to decorative purposes like badges, frames or backgrounds, something very close and familiar for many cultures. Conceived as core of decoration, this outline had previously never been achieved on a floor. The development of this idea headed to creation of an innovative theme that let combine, while laying it down, a customized pattern free from pre-arranged schemes. In other words, all the tiles can be fixed to each other in any side without distinction and still providing the best coherence of the decorative pattern. Every laying-scheme gets therefore unique through the flexibility of its arrangements just like something alive. An important style concept that brings honour back to ceramic as ancient decorative element and Gres Porcelain that does not imitate any raw material but simply express itself through the harmony of style and shades.

Calibrated Gres Porcelain tile sized 60x60cm

Available in Naturale (matt) version / Lappato (semi-polished) version / Decorato (decor) version. Range of available colours for Naturale (matt) and Lappato (Semi-polished) version: Ebano-black / Avorio-white / Sabbia-cream / Rubino-ruby red / Zaffiro-blue. The painted decors are available on Avorio-white and Ebano-black engraved with steel/copper - black - colour mix hand-paint and on Sabbia-cream / Rubino-ruby red / Zaffiro-blue engraved with steel/copper or colour mix hand-paint.