grand elegance

Passion, carachter, nostalgia.

Passion, character, nostalgia . Key-words for Grand Elegance and main issues leading our philosophy from the very early steps. Our basic idea consists of shifting to ceramics all the living passions so that ceramics itself rises as metaphorical reference for life styles and little daily fads. So the sea and sailing, flowers, gardens, animals, classic sport, country-side and leisure time become all bricks of our imagination. Just like a classic novel, Grand Elegance collection describes our tradition that emphasizes individual attitudes and choices.

Double-fired ceramic tiles sized 20x20cm.

Available thematic decors: Country Life, Fox Hunting, Noblesse, Yacht Club, Fleures. Available background colors: Panna, Crema, Bordeaux, Verde bosco, Blu royal, Giallo ocra.All the colours are available in smooth, pitted or decorated versions on spotted, lilied and striped field.