Gran Galà

Cruel Beauty.

Capturing the wild aspect of beauty and elevate it at the top of high decoration. This is the Gran Galà's aim, the new collection designed for Petracer's by Angelo Marchesi, having as subject a triumphal recurring fashion and design theme: the animalier. Subjects such as leopard, falcon and snake are symbols of instinct and animal cruelty, as well as a primal pride beyond any human affair. They are real visions of interior, glimpses of an original world, lost and found.
The choice of white, black and gray as essential color treatment is enriched by sophisticated and brilliant ceramic technologies, with a decidedly unexpected effect.
The color's elegance soften the wild nature of those animal acquiring special reflex and brilliant blazes. The animal subjects are created to be included in a striped and homogeneous plot and coordinated with listellos besides with new surprising tattoo decors as tribute to an ancestral tribalism that never stop giving glamour to the new followers. Captured, tamed, celebrated: such is the beauty of wild nature, so it is Gran Galà.