Not for everyone

Collection Capitonné gets inspired to homonymous padded patterns showing in the most prestigious drawing-rooms of XIX Century and also nowadays spread a fascinating elegance. An outstanding idea which needed special tests and efforts in order to achieve the most reliable modularity. This collection offers much more than just a wall-tile solution: it is an effective style project that involves passion, skill and experience. The final result is stunning and incredible as nothing else: this ceramic tile looks like bending to a smooth and tactile pattern.

Ceramic layout of rhomboidal-shaped tile and insets.

Rhombaidal tile sized 10x20 cm. available in flat version and elevated surfaces and field range of bright-white / vanilla / celery-shade colours. Square completion tile sized 10x10 cm. available in same colours as above. Square insets sized 2x2 cm. available in flat and elevated surfaces and a complete range of gold , platinum , bordeaux-red, green, blue and black colours.