Petracer’s New Cult

Dear friends, Here I am once again, writing the editorial for PAPILLE’s latest issue. On this occasion, my task is even more important as this year’s news is set to change Petracer’s future quite radically.

Since 1997, I have been pouring all my efforts and energy into Petracer’s. Thanks to my commitment and that of all my collaborators, and with a bit of luck, this venture has become very successful. Yet, achieving these exciting and unexpected results required a change of perspective and the search for new collaborations to be involved in our activities.

Last April I met Graziano Verdi, one of the most valid Italian managers and, for sure, the most capable entrepreneur in the ceramics industry – those amongst our readers who still don’t know who he is will be amazed by what they read about him in this issue’s articles – who was appointed as Petracer’s CEO in last April 15th, 2013. Thanks to him, we were able to turn yet another dream into reality: today Petracer’s, undisputed leader in the luxury ceramics segment, has become part of Koramic Chemicals & Ceramics, headed by Graziano Verdi himself. The Koramic group is headed by Mr Christian Dumolin, one of Europe’s most talented and successful businessmen. With nearly 500 million Euro in liquid assets, the group has a consolidated turnover of over 1 billion Euros. I believe that this, better than anything else, demonstrates the soundness of the Petracer’s venture, which only fifteen years ago was seen as an isolated and nearly insane project in the context of the ceramics market. With Mr Verdi’s support, Petracer’s will achieve even more ambitious and prestigious goals, while I will be able to dedicate myself entirely to what I love the most: creativity, research and development of new products, not just in the ceramics market. This multi-faceted research process started a couple of years ago, when we decided to add our signature to our collections in order to emphasise the authenticity of our products: ceramic tiles that can transform the style and allure of their surroundings, adding a touch of subtleness and complexity.

All Petracer’s collections, however different, share the same theme and goal: restoring ceramic’s most authentic and authoritative role – decoration. This unique vision is reflected in this issue’s graphic style, suggesting a visual continuity between the various collections, as if they were all installed in the same environment. The same concept is at the heart of this year’s great innovations, projects that until recently had been set aside to make room for other things: the coming together of interior design and antiques. In line with Petracer’s style principles, Petracer’s Lifestyle develops an interior design style based on extraordinary items, which are created to articulate the notion of beauty outside the context of ceramics.

Petracer’s Antique, on the other hand, was created as a way of pouring new life into beautiful antiques, reinterpreting unique items with a contemporary “touch” and with the specific requirements of the customer in mind. Carefully designed, bespoke items that I believe will be appreciated even by the most demanding experts. Finally, I am particularly proud of Carisma Italiano‘s decorative plasticity and the luxurious cheerfulness of Primavera Romana, Petracer’s Ceramics new collections.

These important new additions to our range of products are all born out of our usual love for style. This issue of Papille aims to offer an overall perspective of Petracer’s and to show the result of a creative – rather than mathematical – sum, which should prompt our readers to find out more about us.

Angelo Marchesi