Dear readers,
here I am again, proud to introduce this new edition of Papille with special guests in the form of Riva and Ratti, two brands that in their respective sectors, sailing and textiles, need no introduction. The highest quality products, known throughout the world for being the result of work that always aims to achieve more, to achieve the exceptional. Skill and in-depth knowledge of the techniques, the continuance of traditional production methods, the obsessive selection of raw materials, courage, intuition and often brilliant projects, together with undeniable aesthetic sensitivity, are all characteristics shared by the creators of luxury products. Likewise, I believe that luxury products have qualities in common: they elevate us from the banal everyday life, and are always a more than complete response to the desire for freedom, lightness and beauty that makes life sweet.
As far as I am concerned, luxury also means being able to dedicate myself, body and soul, to projects that I believe in and that you will see on these pages.
Heartfelt thanks to our guests for their patience.

Angelo Marchesi